For the past three years when bow hunting season arrives, I lose my Husband to the hills of Eastern Oregon. This year was a little different because the kids + I got to tag along with him on opening weekend. I was hoping to get the chance to spot an elk or two but unfortunately, our efforts were unsuccessful. We were able to catch a glimpse at a herd of deer while making our drive into camp, but I was behind the wheel instead of behind the camera lens.

We had a great time! We took a couple of family hikes that involved minimal complaining from the kids + only two piggie-back rides. We gathered around a fire under a star-filled sky where we all took turns naming new constellations. (I think someone saw a purple hippo, yellow elephant + a kite.) Our daughter took her first four-wheeler ride + had a blast! All in all, it was a wonderful time spent together. Oregon, you sure are pretty.

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