Vacations are pretty incredible, right? They give you time to relax + recharge but also grant you the opportunity to see + discover new places. But when all is said + done, after about the third day, I get a bit homesick¬†+ long for a goodnight’s sleep in my own bed.

Denver is the one + only exception.

LoDo Sleeps
We recently took a belated Spring Break Trip to Denver + stayed at The Maven Hotel located on LoDo’s (Lower Denver) Dairy Block. I spent hours trying to find the just right spot to make our reservation. As soon as I saw a guest room with a bunk bed, I was sold. Plus they were running a grand opening special. ūüėČ The picture above was taken from the parking garage across the street from The Maven along Wazee¬†Avenue. The Maven Hotel is located on the far right side of the photo, situated between 19th + 18th Street. We were so close to Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play. Too bad there weren’t any home games happening during our stay. Womp, womp.

Inside The Maven is Poka Lola Social Club, a lounge area that offers guest at The Maven a complimentary evening cocktail. I helped myself to a Crate + Barrel every evening. =)

Elevators to the guest rooms are just past Kachina Southwest Grill + The Maven’s front desk. Kachina offers a complimentary cup of coffee to Maven guest + other breakfast items for purchase during early morning hours.
Most mornings we took breakfast back to our room, which consisted of two ginormous, delicious breakfast burritos + an assortment of fruit. Breakfast was served out of the Airstream trailer pictured above but they also have a very nice dining area where they serve lunch + dinner meals.

Moving on to our room. The top bunk was a big hit with the kids. I thought they’d enjoy it. =)

LoDo Outings
As far as LoDo Outings go, there were two places that made my Bucket List. First, was visiting Denver’s Union Station. Here’s the thing. I have never even visited Portland’s Union Station. Just read the reviews on trip advisor + you’ll know why. But I can tell you that Denver’s Union Station was impeccable. It’s been very well maintained + restored. There’s no wonder it’s a hot spot for the people living + visiting the city.

The other LoDo Outing¬†that made the list was to take a stroll¬†along 16th Street Mall. One of my best friends from Texas,¬†Lyndsey, told me to check out the pianos on display there, so off we went, and boy, were we in luck. The pianos had just been brought out + many of the artists were still painting them. Image my surprise when one of the artist, Dont√© Janae, asked my children if they would like to paint on hers! I was beyond thrilled. So were they. =) This was such a special surprise + experience. My daughter left declaring, “This has been the most wonderful day!!”

LoDo Eats
I kind of felt like I was drowning when trying to decide where to eat in LoDo. And honestly, most of the restaurants¬†that made my list we didn’t even go to. There are only so many times you can eat a meal in one day. Plus, there were so many options a short walk from The Maven, it just made sense to try out what was close.

Inside Union Station, we had a quick bite to eat at Acme Delicatessen followed by a sweet treat at Milkbox, but it was brunch at Snooze that stole the show, in my opinion.I had never ordered any form of eggs benedict before but I was feeling adventurous. I ordered their Bella!Bella!Benny + it was so very tasty. Also, I fell in love with their coffee mugs. I tried to purchase one to take home with me but they were out. Bummer.

Snooze wasn’t the only restaurant that was worth mentioning. Here are a few more that are all delicious + all located in LoDo.

Lucky Pie

Southern Hospitality

Wynkoop Brewing Company

¬†The Pig + The Sprout I can’t wait to visit again… or just move there.

There’s more to come, y’all! These were just the spots we visited in LoDo. Stay tuned for more Denver City Adventures!

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