It’s National Sibling Day + guess what?! Netflix + I have prepared a treat for you. An Activity Fortune Teller!National Sibling Day Activity Fortune Teller

Do you remember these? I loved them as a kid + equally love this idea to use them as activity selectors for your kids to use on National Sibling Day. Download + print yours hereThe activities include:

|| 1 || Watch NetflixNetflix has created three great playlists, A Tale of Two Distant AgesSugar + Spice and Meet in the Middle, (log-in to your Netflix Kids Profile for links to work properly) that can guide you toward the perfect show selection, or you can use this Netflix Fortune Teller to pick the show! Don’t like those selections? Use their Blank Netflix Fortune Teller to fill in your own favorites + let the fun begin.

|| 2 || Play Cheesy Head
Picture it. Your kids are wearing shower caps topped with shaving cream + they are taking turns throwing cheese balls at each other’s head. I’m laughing already. The sibling that gets the most cheese balls to stick wins. I found the game idea here.

|| 3 || Have a Water Gun Fight
Because it’s Spring + it’s warm outside.

|| 4 || Play a Board or CardGame
Currently, our kids love to play the card games Sleeping Queens + Rat-A-Tat-Cat.

|| 5 || Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
There are quite a lot of these floating around Pinterest. I think we’ll be doing this one.

|| 6 || Conduct a Science Experiment
Kiwi Crate’s website has a ton of experiments you to chose from. We’ll be attempting the Lava Bowl. All that’s required is a water bottle, food coloring + Alka Seltzer tablets. Sounds pretty simple, yet fun and engaging.

|| 7 || Have a Lego Pattern Challenge
Print these pages + challenge your children to find the correct Lego colors and sizes to build the Lego Patterns.

|| 8 || Have a Cupcake Wars Bake-off
My kids have always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen. I’m taking the easy route and picking up two baking mixes, but also some sprinkles, chocolate chips and a variety of frostings and syrups so the kids can customize their cupcake. Yes. I will be the judge. #BecauseDuh

Doesn’t that sound like a day full of fun? Will you be celebrating the day with your siblings? Mine are in Texas + Mississippi, so I’m aiming to make it a great day for my kiddos here in Oregon. Enjoy your day!

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The content of this post was originally published on my former blog which is now private. The post was sponsored by Netflix. All opinions + ideas expressed are mine.

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