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Last Friday, I woke up early to get dressed + ready to go on a field trip with my daughter’s preschool class. We made it through our morning routine + then off we went, headed to school. Upon arrival, I could tell something was off because the parking lot wasn’t packed full of vehicles. The second clue came when we walked into the classroom and saw that none of the students were wearing blue tees, the field trip day required attire. I had done it again.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve incorrectly scheduled and subsequently arrived far too early to an event. During the fall of 2015, I showed up a week early for a Pumpkin Patch Playdate with my MOPS group. But in this particular situation, I showed up one entire month prior to the event. Don’t even get me started on times when I’ve shown up days late for parties + other social functions.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, first, I had to apologize to my daughter. She was a bit unhappy. Then I climbed into my vehicle + called my husband to fill him in on one more thing his ditzy wife had done. Finally, I ran a quick errand + then mapped my way to Cathedral Park. I had never visited the park before + I figured it would be a morning wasted to just go back home, especially after I had taken the time to wear something other than sweats to school drop-off.

Maybe this is a start to a new post series… Exploring Portland, When There’s Nothing Else To Do.

But getting back to Cathedral Park, it is quite remarkable. The park is located under + named after the gothic arches that support St. John’s Bridge. A quick Instagram search and you’ll find that it’s an extremely popular location. Whether you’re out walking your dog or reciting your vows, many people are drawn to it’s beauty.

Aside from the beautiful arches, I also found the railroad tracks that pass underneath to be a charming touch.

Stay tuned for more Portland Explorations, brought to you by a Lady who’s never on time, be it too early or too late.

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