The warm, sunny weather has been abundant over the past few weekends + we have taken full advantage of them. With a little help from the All Trails App, I could easily find a trail + map directions. I am a bit partial to the waterfall hikes but it appears most people are. Even after traveling two hours away from the Portland Metro Area, the trailhead parking lots are full of cars + the trails are full of people + pets. I don’t mind it though. Not when the payoff is a million dollar view.

Today I’m sharing a few photos taken from three recent weekend hikes. The All Trails App describes two of them as moderate hikes + one as easy. I concur.

|| ONE || Falls Creek Falls – Carson, Washington
Falls Creek Falls is a new favorite of mine. A portion of the drive to the trail is along a dirt road that is full of potholes but it’s not so bad that we needed to use four-wheel drive. In fact, once we arrived at the trailhead, I was surprised to see so many cars in the parking lot.

We made it out + back along the trail, occasionally stepping to the side to let people pass us. After all, we were making the trek with a seven + four-year-old. There was one portion of the trail that required us to step on stones that had water rushing under them but we made it by just fine. And it made for an adorable father-daughter photo. Have a look!

Put Lower Falls Creek Trail on your places to visit this summer!

|| TWO || Panther Creek – Carson, Washington Picnicking by Panther Creek with a beautiful waterfall just on the opposite side. All good things. All good things. =) And it’s a super-short hike to boot! We actually stopped off at Panther Creek on our way to Falls Creek Falls.

|| THREE || Bald Mountain from Lolo Pass Trail – Rhododendron, Oregon We had high hopes of reaching the Lost Lake on Memorial Day but due to snow covered dirt roads, it wasn’t accessible. Hopefully, we can try again in a few weeks after more of the snow has melted off. I felt a bit defeated when we had to turn around but there was a trailhead at the intersecting road. The Lolo Pass Trailhead is part of the Pacific Crest Trail that we hiked along for a bit. This trail zig-zagged quite a bit, gaining elevation with each step. This also means that this trail started to become snowed-covered as well. We were only able to go one-mile in before we had to turn around. Either way, it got us up + moving and gave us a pretty awesome view of Mt. Hood.

Here’s to more Weekend Warrioring with The Family!


  1. Katie Bressler

    Thank you for these hike suggestions! We just went to Tyron Creek State Falls in Portland this past weekend.

    We live a little bit South of Portland, so we will be adding these to our WA list when we head up there!

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