Happy Weekend, Friends!

|| ONE ||
I’ve just got back home from an award ceremony at my son’s school. He was presented with a ribbon for being on the honor roll. This was a huge deal for us for two reasons. One, having switched schools + curriculums, we were unsure as to whether or not he would be behind. Turns out, he’s not! He’s right on track. Two, he had never received grades at his former elementary school but we can now call him an ALL A Student. Way to go, Buddy!

|| TWO ||
Snow-cation 2018 has come to a close – we think. Our MLK Holiday Weekend went from having three days off to having five days off. While we probably only got about one inch of snow, it was still enough to get out and have some fun.

|| THREE ||
Trolls: the Beat Goes On! premiers today!I know one five year old that is going to freak out when she sees this! I can’t wait to surprise her when she gets home from school.

|| FOUR ||
Did you see that today is Dolly Parton’s Birthday?!
To honor Dolly, the Draper James Blog shared some adorable digital downloads featuring some of their favorite Dolly quotes. Go have a look. They’re super cute!

|| FIVE ||
And speaking of Draper James, I am itching to take a road trip up to Nashville! We live about 90 miles south of Nashville – surely we can make it happen soon. Have you visited? Let me know your must-see spots!

Have a great weekend!

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