So last month I shared a story about how I mixed-up field trip days + ended up arriving at my daughter’s school a full month early for the scheduled event. Well friends, the ACTUAL day has finally arrived. It’s been one full month later + we are finally taking that preschool field trip to OMSI. Wish me luck!

But before I head out the door, here are five quick things + thoughts about why I’m looking forward to next week so much + I’ll try to not include BATB because I haven’t shut up about it. (But did you see the release of the Beauty + The Beast music video!)

|| ONE ||
I have family coming into town to visit! Family that I haven’t seen in almost two full years. I can’t wait to get some hugs + fun in next weekend.

|| TWO ||
Pi Day is March 14, and all the nerds (including myself) rejoice. #BecausePi #BecausePie #BecauseMath Seriously, math was one of my favorite subjects growing up which is mostly why I chose to pursue my accounting degree in college. Also, I had big plans to share a Banana Pudding Pie recipe with y’all this week. I even posted a photo on Instagram about it because I just knew it would be amazing. Well, we did a little taste after letting the Pie set for three hours + it was super delicious but it was nighttime at that point + too dark photos. By the next morning, the fresh bananas I used in the pudding were discolored + the pudding had morphed into an ugly gray color.

Womp, womp. Win some. Lose some. I definitely lost that recipe war. I really didn’t want to use banana flavoring but appears that’s just the thing to do if you want your homemade pudding to stay a pretty color.

|| THREE ||
We will likely be in bathing suits at a local indoor water park come St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in a little Irish Love in the coming days.
I stopped my Lolli + Pops as well as World Market yesterday + picked up some Irish goodies for my Hubby. Tune back in for a peek at what I’m gifting him.

|| FOUR ||
I don’t know if I can attribute my new spike in energy levels to my increase in exercise or my inclusion of apple cider vinegar shots twice a day. Whatever the cause may be, I have found myself waking up early + not craving an afternoon nap. So when Daylight Savings Time rolls around this weekend, I’m totally prepared to lose that hour of sleep + gain some more light in my life!

|| FIVE ||
The Netflix Premiere of Marvel’s Iron Fist happens next Friday! We have been anxiously anticipating the release + can’t wait! It looks like Friday is shaping up to be a busy day…

Beauty + The Beast
Wings + Waves Water Park
– Iron Fist

But until then, it’s time to go enjoy today! Happy weekending!

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  1. Maggie@ Maggie Lois

    So funny story, I actually almost failed algebra in high school, and right now my full-time job is an accounting assistant… not sure how I’ve pulled that one off lol! I can’t wait to see what goodies you’re surprising the hubby with, have fun with family this weekend! And good luck today!

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