Must be food on the brain, Ladies. Let’s get this Friday Party started.

|| ONE || A Garni Bouquet

Two things about a Garni Bouquet. First, I learned this term this past week + I love it. Second, it adds a ton of flavor to your most boring side dishes. I made a side of rice to go along with some rotisserie chicken + green beans this week, and the rice stole the show. I just added this Garni Bouquet made up of fresh bay leaf, thyme, + Italian parsley, to four cups of chicken broth. I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Then I removed the bouquet and cooked the rice with some diced onion + diced sausage. It was superb dining. =)

|| TWO || Cooking with Crab + Cheese

I was totally plugging Julia Reed’s South book on last week’s Friday Favorites post. The sandwich above, Grilled Deviled Crab + Cheese Sandwich, is the one I made using her recipe from the book. Y’all, it was divine. We had quite a bit of crab + cheese mixture leftover, so my Husband mixed it in with some eggs the next morning for breakfast. You’ve got to get her book.

|| THREE || Bread Flour + Top-Notch Vanilla

#BecauseKingCake Fat Tuesday is right around the corner + I have an afternoon of King Cake baking in my near future. These are must haves if you are thinking of giving baking a-go. I love this recipe.

|| FOUR || Chef’s Table


Documentaries aren’t usually my jam but last night I turned on Netflix’s Chef’s Table + was just in awe. It showcases world famous chef’s and their love stories. The love they have for the food they prepare as well as the love they have for the people in their life. It’s lovely. =)

|| FIVE || Netflix Giveaway

Did you see yesterday’s post? I’m giving away a 3-Month Netflix Subscription to one lucky “Cheater”. Hop on over + enter to win. =)

Have a great weekend, Friends!

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