Happy Friends, Friends! Today’s post is once again, random bits of lovely things + happenings. Let’s get going. =)

|| ONE || Zara Home Love

What’s it going to take to dine at this table with this view? So in love with the look + the location. Photo via Zara Home Tableware.

|| TWO || Instagram Love

This photo of mine got the most likes during the month of January. It was taken on a day when my daughter was sick + in bed for pretty much the entire day. I had just brought her some more water + she gave me a heart in return. Sweet Girl. =)

P.S. I really appreciate all of you that have given my new Instagram account a follow. I was really worried as to whether or not I could grow the account as much as I had my previous one. I’m happy to report that I gained 80 followers in two weeks. Not too shabby for Honeysuckle Avenue’s fresh start. Thanks again!

|| THREE || Google Analytics Anyone

I loved using Google Analytics to track viewership on Blogger but there are so many WordPress plugin options that I’m a little overwhelmed. Do you use a Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress site? Do you love it? Which do you use?

|| FOUR || New Month, New Wallpaper

I enjoy updating my iPhone wallpaper monthly + Redstamp is usually my go-to (I also ADORE their app!). If you like any of the wallpapers above, they are all available for free download at Redstamp + Emily Ley, respectively.

|| FIVE || We won!

Sierra over at Beautifully Candid hosted a Piñatagrams Giveaway last week + we were one of the winners! I’ve already placed my order + that adorable little donkey (it is a donkey, right?) should arrive at our doorstep next week! I can’t wait to surprise the kiddos.Thank you, Sierra + Piñatagrams!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Maggie@ Maggie Lois

    One: That table and view, the food could be crappy and I’d still be a happy camper sitting there. Two: Yay on the Insta, your pictures are awesome so I’m not surprised you got 80 followers in two weeks, that’s awesome! Three: When you’re at your WordPress dashboard, under plugins search Google Analytics. The one I have installed “probably the first one that shows on the search” is the green picture with a zig zag thing. It’s cool because it shows you a little snapshot of your views and top 5 sources for your traffic on your WordPress dashboard and then of course you can go to the actual site and check everything. Four: Those wallpapers are super cute, I’m thinking I may need to download one of those bad boys! And Five: Congrats on being a winner, that is awesome!! Have a good weekend!

    1. Post

      Thanks so much, Maggie! I’m going to try that widget out tonight. I installed SUMO + saw where you could connect Google Analytics through that widget but I messed it up somehow.

      You’re always to helpful + kind, Lady! Thank you!!

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