Welcome to the weekend, Friends! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

|| ONE || Photo Challenge

I’ve been a subscriber to Bethadilly Photography’s website since July of last year. I enjoy occasionally joining in on her photography challenges via Instagram. This year, she’s hosting a weekly photo challenge and I encourage you to join in! I’m submitting the pic above for this week’s prompt, depth.

Do you participate in any photography challenges? If so, what’re some of your favorites?


ICYMI, earlier this week, I shared two new posts for upcoming celebrations. Thursday’s post was all about Getting Superbowl Ready. I shared two free downloads, one for The Big Game Invite (shown above) + a Gametime banner (not shown), as well as some simple menu items to serve. On Tuesday’s post, I shared a Whaley Cute Classroom Valentines + an easy idea on gifting it. Have a look!

|| THREE|| Grade School Card Game

A friend of mine introduced me to this card game during a recent visit. If you have a grade school child, Sleeping Queens is a great game that will help with addition as well as strategic planning. It’s definitely made the Valentine’s Day wish list for my Seven + Four Year Old.

|| FOUR || Grey’s Anatomy Throwback

My youngest seems to have caught a bug, so I was working Mom Duties hours overnight. This morning when I spotted my oldie but goodie Grey’s Anatomy coffee mug and there was no questioning it- it had to be used. They don’t sell this particular one any longer (it’s more than six years old) but here’s a similar one. =)

|| FIVE || Headshots

I’m curious. For your blog profiles and such, did you have your headshots taken professionally or did you do it on your own? I’d like to update mine so that it’s just me in the photo (sorry Bradley) but I’m a bit weary as to whether I can pull it off on my own. Any tips for self-photography are greatly appreciated!

My list of Link-Ups can be found here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Maggie@ Maggie Lois

    That picture is amazing! I’m impressed girlfriend! I love learning about my camera and taking pictures so I will be looking into this class and challenge you’re talking about. I saw your Super Bowl post on Instagram, so cute! And as far as self portraits go, I did my own. I found an awesome blog post through Pinterest on doing your own portraits, one of the main things I remember is focus on where your head will be (or wherever you want your focus) in auto, then switch to manual focus mode so the focus will not change. Not sure if how I explained it makes sense, but I will send you the link to the post I’m talking about! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Post

      It wasn’t until last July that I even got a “fancy camera” but I’m so happy to finally have one! I rarely even take iPhone photos anymore. I always lugging around the Nikon. I wouldn’t have it any other way. =) Thank you so much for send me those Pinterest links! I might try to venture out this weekend and give it a go. Thanks again, Lady!

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