Let’s talk Easter Baskets. I’ve been filling them for eight years now + I have a few staple item that I always include: first is a plush toy, second is a picture book, third is a bunny of some sort, usually chocolate. Sure, there are other things that make in into the basket but it’s got to have the first three things. This is the first year that I have included a carton of bubble gum eggs. I remember those being a favorite of mine when I was young, so I really hope my children find them to be a fun inclusion.

This year my son asked for a plush dragon + I mistakenly purchased a dinosaur. I don’t think he’ll mind, though. But just in case, the Dragons Love Tacos book is there to help. Here’s a peek inside His + Hers Easter Baskets. =)
|| HIS ||

Bulldozer Tee | Dragons Love Tacos | Dino Plush

|| HERS ||

Ballet Slipper Tee | North, South, East, West | Unicorn Plush

|| BOTH ||

Wire Basket | Animal Cookies | Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny | Smartie’s Egg Bubble Gum | Reese’s Carrot


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