Honestly, People. There’s just no end to it. I try to stay on top of it but inevitably Tuesday afternoon rolls around + there are four dadgum loads of laundry that need to be folded. Ugh. Apparently, I get the urge to wash + dry over the weekend but that’s where it ends… A few days later + it’s finally (past) time to finish the job. In our home, the laundry room is upstairs near the bedrooms, so usually, I’ll do the folding upstairs too. But during my most recent laundry folding marathon, I brought the loads downstairs, pulled up Netflix on the ROKU + selected Jo Koy’s Live from Seattle Comedy Special.

And I Laughed My Little Hiney OFF!

Y’all. Why haven’t I always done this?! This is the only way to make the mundane, bore-chore bearable. No longer will I sit in silence, pairing socks + placing tees on hangers. From now on, I chose laughter. I chose to Laugh Through The Laundry.

Netflix has some great Comedy Special available for screening. Here’s a little collection of some you need to put on your watch list.

|| Gabriel Iglesias, I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry ||

The man of a million voices, I swear.

|| Anjelah Johnson, Not Fancy ||

I follow Anjelah on Instagram, too. LOVE HER!!

|| Jo Koy, Live From Seattle ||

So, Jo uses language that is definitely for a mature audience. Make sure your Little Ones aren’t around while you watch this one. But honestly, I watched this by myself the first time, then with my Husband, then with my Filipino Friend, (who confirmed everything he was joking about) within a 24-hour period. It was hilarious!

|| Jim, Gaffigan, Cinco ||

His bit about people in the PNW always being dressed for an impromptu hike was hilarious. “Well, I’m going for a coffee but you never know when a hike might break out. ” Hahahahaha!

Have you watched any of these specials? Aren’t you loving them?!!

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and this post is sponsored by Netflix. However, the opinions + ideas expressed here are my own.

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