Ever since my daughter saw the Mystic Mermaid Show at the Downtown Denver Aquarium, she has had her heart set on having a Mermaid Themed Birthday Party. This was in part, a result of my Master Momipulation skills. You know… just a little persuasion to get her excited about having a party that I know she would love + a party that I would enjoy decorating + designing for.It really didn’t take much to seal the deal because she loves mermaids. She + I have watched countless episodes of the Netflix Original: H2O Mermaid Adventures. It’s a series that follows three high school friends that stumble upon a magical pool that transforms them into mermaids when they touch the water. What’s more, each of them is given a special power over the water too. Keeping all of this a secret from their family + peers proves to be challenging but it also leads them on wild adventures. If your little one is a mermaid lover, you should give this show a try.

So the Mermaid Themed Party was agreed upon + now it was time for me to start designing for it. I saw a Mermaid Academy tee one day + thought, what would it take to graduate from Mermaid Academy? I came up with few ideas, designed a cute little checklist + intend to do each of the activities at my daughter’s upcoming Fifth Birthday Party. When I showed the checklist list to my daughter, she was so giddy! =)

Here’s a peek at the designs for the party. So fun, right?! My daughter has already decided on her Mermaid Name. She will be Princess Pearl. =)

When the party is over, each of her guests will leave with a Mermaid Academy Tee + a tube filled with gumballs. I saw were a few other people tied 2-inch party circles to the tubes but I thought sticking the party circle stick directly on the tube would be easier, so I had my design printed on label paper.
Then added a 1-inch Thanks For Coming  circle to the tube lids, also printed on label paper.

Finally, the Mermaid Academy banner. Ahh!! The party is so close, I can hardly stand it! More party details to follow, Friends.

Below you can download + print all of the Mermaid Academy goodies for free!

So Mamas, if you are just dying to host a Mermaid Themed Party or Play Date, join your Little Mermaid for a few episodes of Netflix’s H2O: Mermaid Adventures to momipulate encourage her to come to your way of thinking, then print off these goodies + make a splash!

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team + this post is sponsored by Netflix. However, the opinions + ideas expressed here are my own.

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