After Saturday morning pancakes this past weekend, we loaded up the family + headed North to Lynchburg, Tennessee. It’s a short 70 miles from Athens – a very easy drive there + back. What’s in Lynchburg? Less than 400 townsfolk + the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. It’s small but still worth the visit.

Brad + I aren’t loyal to Jack Daniel whiskey but getting the opportunity to learn a little more about the process of making whiskey as well as a history lesson on Jack himself was intriguing. Apparently, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has been distilled + bottled at this location for over 150 years. Production hasn’t moved because of one thing – the cave spring.Even in drought conditions, this spring has never stopped streaming.

Our tour took us through the Rick Yard, Jack’s Office, Cave Spring, Still House, Bottle House + Barrell House. Photography wasn’t allowed in many of the areas we toured, but I did manage to get a few shots. One of the most interesting things I learned while on the tour was how Jack died. The story goes a little something like this. Jack Daniel came into the office early one morning + after a few failed attempts at opening the safe (pictured above), his frustration got the best of him + he gave it a swift kick. Which injured his toe. Which caused an infection. Which killed him. His famous last words on October 10, 1911, “one last drink, please.” He was 62 years old.

Fair warning, folks. The Distillery stinks – literally. At the beginning of the tour, I asked our guide about the stench. In return, he asked if it smelt like a bakery – to which my husband replied, “yeah, if you’re making shit cakes.” The tour guide didn’t laugh. We could hardly contain ourselves.Lucky for them, the whiskey doesn’t taste like the distillery smells.

Lynchburg Square was only a few steps away from the distillery, so we strolled the area for a bit. I think the Moon Pie Shop was my favorite. Who knows where we’ll end up next. I’m just so excited to be back in The South!

Happy Roadtripping, Friends!

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