Taking a self portrait felt odd. Should I stand or sit? Should I hold something + if so, what? Should I look directly into the camera? Should I smile? Gosh, there was just so much to try to figure out to make one little photograph work + tell a story. Over the span of three days, I took well over fifty photographs of myself. Just me. I sat down in two different chairs in two different rooms. I stood + took photos of just my face, both up close + far away from the camera. They all looked odd. I felt odd.

Wednesday afternoon rolled around + it was like many others, fueled by coffee + filled with chores and other mom duties. I was pouring myself a fourth cup of coffee when it thought, you know what? This is me. This is what I do. And so the idea for my self portrait photograph was born.

Of course, then it got all odd again after I set up the tripod + poured + re-poured coffee until I captured a photograph that successfully covered my double chin.


Week Eleven’s #TheBethadiily52 photo prompt is Emotion. Ahh!! I’m pretty pumped about that one! =)

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