I spent a little bit of time in town last week, searching for some St. Patrick’s Day goodies to bring home for My Guy. Is he of Irish descent? Not likely, but he does enjoy two of Ireland’s greatest exports, Guinness Stout + Jameson Whiskey, as do I. Plus, there aren’t too many holidays I let pass without some sort of celebration. Usually, I try to make the holidays special for our children, and trust me, they will get their fair share of SPD goodies – but SPD is kind of a boozy holiday, right? I wanted to find some gifts for us adults to enjoy. Here is little gift basket I put together.St_Patricks_Day_Gifts_For_HimBy the way, Brendan Behan was a famous Irish author. You can read more about him here. It seems he was quite the character.

St_Patricks_Day_Gifts_For_HimSt_Patricks_Day_Gifts_For_HimSt_Patricks_Day_Gifts_For_Him So neat that you can go to their website + see the field that your potato chips were grown. And might I add how amazed I was that the bag wasn’t full of crumbs, but rather actual chips.


I only had to make two stops to find all of these St. Patrick’s Day treats; first, Lolli + Pops and then Cost Plus World Market. After I got home, I searched Amazon + found that they sold many of the items as well, so there’s no need to fret if you don’t have either of the other stores mentioned in your area. Below, I have included links to each of the items + since this is in no way a sponsored post + doesn’t include any affiliated links, I’ll give you our honest opinion of the goodies.

Guinness Extra Stout – Yum.
Grace’s Irish Shortbread – Yum.
Lakeshore’s Strong Irish Mustard – Delicious. (Brad is a mustard connoisseur. He returns from international business trips with mustard. I kid you not.)
Butler’s Irish Whiskey Truffles – Yum.
Guinness Luxury Mini Pint Chocolates – Yum.
World Market’s Irish Cream Coffee – Brad votes eh. I vote yum.
Keogh’s Irish Farmhouse Cheese + Onion Chips – Yum.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Folks!

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  1. Maggie@ Maggie Lois

    I’m not normally a St. Patty’s Day celebrator, but this is so cute! You did an awesome job putting this together and I love how you always have so much info on what you share, it’s just awesome lol! And mustard is amazing, I am right there with Brad! Thanks for sharing girl, have a great week! Oh and that quote made me chuckle. 🙂

    1. Post

      I don’t take the time to dress in green for St. Patrick’s Day but I do enjoy eating + drinking up all of the Irish eats + treats. And poor Ole Brendan – He died at the age of 41. =/ He might have liked the sauce a little too much…

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