I grew up Southern Mississippi where Spring would always welcome us with the fragrant scent of honeysuckles. In The South, you could find honeysuckle vines climbing fence posts along country roads or clustered beside highways + interstates. For some, they may be considered an annoying weed. For me, they were a reminder that something new + fresh was beginning.

I selfishly consider honeysuckles to be my yearly gift from God as they are in full bloom come April, my birthday month. After years of practice, I can say that I am quite proficient when it comes to retrieving every last bit of nectar one bloom can hold. It’s far too precious to let any go to waste.

Honeysuckle Avenue is my new + fresh. It’s my new + fresh challenge to document life experiences with photographs + stories that capture details but also protect my family’s privacy. (I’d like to think that I have gained a little wisdom over the past few months regarding matters such as these.) It’s also my new + fresh goal to become a better photographer. I might even get a wild hair and start a photo challenge.

Welcome to Honeysuckle Avenue.

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  1. Brooke Davis

    Love it!
    I have been planning garden idea and guess what… Honeysuckles are on my list! I had no idea though it was a weed…. just a beautiful and fragrant vine for a trellis in my opinion.
    Anyway. I love the blog. And can’t wait to keep up with you and your family and your beautiful photos.
    I love you!

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