It was the Summer of 2004 + I was filled with Engagement Bliss. My Guy surprised me with a marriage proposal. I eagerly accepted. Then, planning for our wedding + future together swiftly followed, after I showed my ring off to everyone, of course.

I’m not sure if this is the norm or not, but when Brad + I started our wedding registries, we did so without any outside help. We didn’t have a checklist of items that we thought we would need. We didn’t take anyone along with us when we picked out pieces for our home. It was just the two of us, walking through McRae’s (now Belk) + Walmart, scanning our little hearts out.

I can now see that I could have really used some guidance back then. It would have done me some good to listen to the widsom of a Lady or two with a few years of marriage up their sleeves. There wasn’t a shortage of such women in my life, I just didn’t seek their advice because, well, I guess I was stubborn. For example, I never registered for formal china place settings. I didn’t think they served a purpose other than taking up space in a china cabinet. I deemed them unnecessary twelve years ago + regret it terribly now.

I’ve changed + I’m pretty sure that I can pinpoint the moment when the change began. It was when I became a stay at home mom. I spent hours at home with my infant son, watching Food Network Channel in between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, + Ina Garten made me want to cook more than a Hamburger Helper supper + want to bake more than a Betty Crocker cake mix. Pretty much the definition of inspired, right?

And so my love for being in the kitchen began. But along with this new love, the error in my Wedding Registry Ways was made very clear. I was lacking quality kitchen staples as well as quality kitchen textiles. Over the past few years, I have replaced many of the lesser quality items with what I consider to be better, but I still hope to replace more as time goes by.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the items I would include on my Wedding Registry… if I could get a Redo.

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups + Spoons

Say goodbye to plastic, rounded measuring cups + spoons. Go for the ones that have both flat-bottoms + a flush area between the handle and the top rim. It makes measuring easier + more precise, in my non-professional opinion.

I use cups similar to these + these spoons.

Cast Iron and/or Enameled Skillets

Our current home has a ceramic electric cook-top, which means cast iron is a no-no unless I am using it to cook in the oven. Enameled skillets + dutch ovens work perfectly on the stove top, though, and they transfer from stovetop to oven with no issue. I no longer have any non-stick pots, pans, or skillets but I do have a non-stick pancake griddle that I get a lot of use out of, especially on Saturday mornings. #BecauseWeekendTraditions The convenience of cooking so many pancakes at once makes it hard to toss it aside.

I use these cast iron skillets in three varying sizes, this enameled skillet + this enameled dutch oven.

Stainless Steel Pots + Pans

My Wedding Registry Redo would have a set of heavy pots + pans. I’m talking about the kind that hurts your wrist when you take them from the cabinet because they’re so darn heavy. Any sold by Williams Sonoma or Crate + Barrell will do. Or Kitchen Craft. I’m still using the set I was given twelve years ago but hoping for an upgrade.

Food Processor

Wedding Registry RedoI never thought to register for one of these. I should have. Most often I use mine to cut cold butter into biscuit dough. Try it if you haven’t. It works great.

I couldn’t find the exact one that currently use but I probably picked it up at Target years ago. It does the trick but I wouldn’t mind have one with a glass work bowl instead of plastic. Mine has a large crack in it.

Toaster Oven

Mini frozen pizzas. Chicken nuggets. Toast. Seriously, we use ours at least every other day. In my childhood home, we never used one. I had no idea how handy these things could be. Get one on your list.


I have four in varying sizes. I started with one. My Wedding Registry Redo list would certainly have more than one slow-cooker on it.

Table Top Linens

In past years, I would only use a table runner when decorating for Christmas. These days, I want one on my table at all times. It just dresses it up a bit. The white linen one pictured above I purchased from Home Goods. I have plans to have it monogrammed, along with the matching linen napkins.

Formal China Place Settings

I mentioned it at the beginning but it’s worth saying again.

All The Serving Trays

Wedding Registry RedoAnd in a neutral color. I have a ton of Red Fiestaware that often doesn’t match the color scheme when I am hosting a gathering, so it doesn’t get used nearly as often as the white serving trays, bowls + dishes.

P.S. I fried tomatoes for the first time ever yesterday. Y’all, they were so good! I dipped them in some homemade remoulade to steal a few nibbles before meal time. Then we made BLT Poboys (with remoulade + Duke’s mayo) for supper. It was Fine Southern Dining at our house last night.

Large Canisters

I don’t understand why a set of canisters come in three different sizes. I use flour, sugar, coffee + cornmeal equally and would like to store them in containers that are all identical in size + color. If I could Redo my wedding registry, I would include individual canisters rather than a set.

Well, I think that about covers it for me. The 21-year-old Brettni just never knew that the 33-year-old Brettni would be enjoying so much time in the kitchen. Bless her, she didn’t know any better. How about you? If you could have a Wedding Registry Redo, what would make your new + improved list?

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  1. Maggie@ Maggie Lois

    Don’t feel bad girlfriend, I think most of us have been, lord knows I did when Corey and I moved in together. The crap we bought and what I thought used to be cute, lawd help me, it was ugly. Those biscuits though and the fried tomatoes and BLT’s po boys, I might have to be creepy and invite myself to your house, all of your food looks amazing.

    1. Post

      The door is open if you ever find yourself over here! I wish I could claim ownership to the biscuit + fried tomato recipes – but I can’t. I think the secret to the fried tomato was in their dredging process. Cornstarch, then buttermilk, then the batter mix. I’ll message you the recipes on IG. =)

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